Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekend News

Friday night Andrew had a mission reunion he was way excited about. It was pretty much impossible to stay caught up with him as he zig and zagged through the crowd to meet up with old companions. I'd eventually find him and be introduced as his wife (it's been almost 6 months and it's still weird!) and some of his old companions would say "Oh ya! I was there, he got a letter every week...I never got any letters!" or "I remember seeing pictures of you!" so it was pretty fun since it seems to be a miracle I actually "waited" for him. This picture is Andrew with his old mission president and his wife. President Owen said Andrew looks like a missionary still and that he liked that. I think he was referring to not have long curly hair or a beard, but Andrew took it as a great compliment. Andrew really looks up to his mission president.

In the less happy news, I had to cancel an engagement photo shoot for a really nice couple Saturday because it was dark and rainy all day! Even worse, I got a call from my mom telling me my great grandfather was in critical condition due to one of his lungs filling with liquid and collapsing. I just got off the phone, crawled into bed bawling, waking Andrew up pretty startled. He was a great husband and tried to comfort me until I fell back to sleep. On the up side, dad got there and said he was actually recovering! I couldn't believe it, I was totally convinced he was going to pass yesterday, I really hope he makes it so I can see him at least one more time at Thanksgiving or Christmas. I REALLY want him to make it 5 more years so he can have a great great grandchild. 

Conference was great. I can't tell you how excited I am about a temple going up in ROME! Wow! That's incredible, the most catholic city ever. And we get to go see it when I go on my European tour (which is my graduation present) in just two summers! Andrew and I watched Saturday session at Chuck's, he made some delicious crepes for breakfast. He even bought Nutella! Sunday session we watched the first half in bed,  how great is it that it's on TV in Utah! We made some cookies, and steak kabobs for dinner, sooo good but I put too much spice on mine my mouth was on fire!

I gotta jet, we have to take our New Testament test tomorrow! eek!


Nichole said...

um, yeah, not gonna lie. totally jealous of the husband thing!

can't wait until i'm there in two years! :)

Bonnie said...

I love the new look!

Maryanne said...

See Afton, there ARE great things about Utah (like Conference on t.v. - you can't stay in bed and watch it like that in Virginia!).
note: I do love Virginia, although it's not as perfect as Utah! *tee hee* JK!!

The crepes sound so yummy. My husband makes crepes every Saturday. He served his mission in France so he is an expert crepe man! And Nutella....yum! Add a few banana slices to that and you have the perfect crepe! :)

I'm sorry about your great-grandpa and hope that he is doing better. You are very fortunate to have him still here. However five years is a long time to make him to wait for a great-great grand baby! I'm just sayin....

Maryanne said...

Yes, I DO need to make my way to Provo sometime soon. I do have a daughter who lives there apparently!! It's just so much easier to have her come to me ;) ha ha

Maryanne said...

Famous last words.

WE were definitely going to wait to have kids until we were done (or close to being done) with dental school so that I could work and support and yada yada yada. By the time he graduated we had 2 kids! Yes, that's all I can say....famous last words. ;)