Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ashley Brady

Soon to be Stuart!

Ashley was down from BYU-I to run some errands and we got a chance to take some pictures in her beautiful dress. I think I had about 300 images from half an hour! We took them out at Utah Lake and the sun was setting, gorgeous shots but freezing cold weather! After her wedding I'll put some more pictures up, but we don't want to give away what her dress looks like! She's getting married December 13! I am so excited for her to marry her missionary (who just happened to go on the same mission as Andrew! He was his AP for a while!). Love you Ashley, you're a gorgeous bride!


Nicole said...

Ooh la la...lovely picture! Seems like just yesterday Caleb was leaving on his mission....crazy! Congrats to her...I'm sure she loves that picture!