Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Table Cloth

So I feel like I made this, even though technically didn't. But I was looking for a new cloth, and didn't see anything I liked. So, being uber crafty, I went and looked at the fabrics and found one I loved. I picked out the material, told the lady how much to cut, and put it on my table! I need to hem the edges, but I love it. (Ignore the ribbon on the vase, I'm going to get some thick brown ribbon and some shells to fill it)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

little by little

I am making additions to our home! Nothing big (because it wouldn't fit in here!) just average things and space savers that make me happy! So, here's to sharing!

Curtains to cover the ugly window...

Replaced some wedding pictures with some scenery from our summer...

The cool thing is, when I picked these up I had to sign a release saying I took them and I wasn't copy writing anything!
Bath & Body Works had an awesome sale, I bought 3 soaps for $3 each, that means I am getting too old for my age when I get excited about soap!
In an attempt to un-clutter the sink area I picked this beauty out...
Andrew thought this was "cute" but he'd have to ruin them if he needed more tp....I informed him there were "usable" tp rolls under the sink.
and here's my hubby studying his little heart away! I love him so much!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


We spent New Years Eve at my grandparents house in Haymarket. It was a lot of fun, my family, Andrew's family, and the Pugh family. 2008 was a wonderful year, I was able to get married to my best friend, we spent an adventurous summer on a remote Caribbean island, we tackled moving into our first little apartment and furnished/decorated it, we got to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with our family, and had so many wonderful memories as newlyweds. 2009 looks to be a promising year. We're heading back to Utah to finish another semester at the Y and are so looking forward to going on the Disney Cruise once school is out. I'm photographing a wedding in April, taking online classes in the Spring and then Andrew and I will both be taking Summer classes (for Andrew to catch up from his mission, and me to speed up the graduating process). This will be a Utah summer! School is much more enjoyable knowing you won't be slipping on ice or freezing in the snow on the way to school/class. I hope everyone had a great 2008, and are planning to make 2009 amazing!

My Sweetheart is so dang cute.
Aaron loved the ball dropping!
The kids stayed entertained playing the Wii all night!
MaryBeth stayed up all night then slept in til 2!
Crazy things happen late at night!
See ya later Virginia, I don't know when we'll be back, but at least I know there's adventures ahead!