Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Adair Nicole Huntley

Meet our little girl, Addie!

We are so excited for you to come, and can hardly wait the 3.5 more months until you get here!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

a new life!

I wanted to record the events that occurred when we found out that we were expecting a little one, so here it goes (it's pretty entertaining)!

First, I have to share a testimony of fasting. We all did a big fast when Andrew was getting ready to take his DAT test this summer. I fasted for him, of course, but also for a couple different things as well..... We had been contacting Del Sol hoping to do an internship for the next year before dental school, along with that in the back of my mind I thought/prayed, "and if you really want to, a baby wouldn't be bad either..." This is proof that God knows your thoughts!

Within a week, Andrew did amazingly on his test, we got offered the Del Sol job, and know the rest.

The day I took a pregnancy test went like this:

MaryBeth and I went to Busch Gardens in 100 degree 1000% humidity walked all over the place, rode roller coasters, ate breadsticks, had frozen lemonade. It was awesome. Somewhere randomly in the back of my mind the thought came across that I should probably go get a test to take when I get home, so I did. I got home, took the test, and I think my eyes about popped out. Am I imagining that line? I didn't even know what to say or think, I was just so excited! I sat it on the counter, and went into the bedroom to figure out what to tell Andrew. Of course, I walked out and he was standing right there. "I didn't hear you flush the toilet" he said. I said, " should probably go in there and look at something" He did and then said, "Who did you get to pee on that?" He DID NOT even believe me for a long time. I was just laughing knowing I would get to tell this story some day. I told him to go get another test to a. prove it and b. make sure it wasn't a dud test. He brought home like 3 tests and they were all positive!

In his defense, after he believed me he grabbed my face and kissed me so sweetly, he was so excited!

We told our parents the next day, we used an idea we got from Nicole's family. She had just gotten back from a family reunion where all the grandkids wore a number on the shirt depicting the order of grandchild they were (it was like 1-99 or something! ;)) We got a little onsie and put a big #1 on it, taped the pregnancy test under it, and wrapped it up to give to her. Their reaction was awesome, they are so excited for their first grandchild!

I don't know what makes me smile more:

Thinking of Andrew as my baby's dad and how awesome he's going to be


Thinking that my mom is going to be a GRANDMA

They are both pretty awesome thoughts!

Here is the difference between 7 and 12 weeks:

No baby bump yet, with all the getting sick I've actually lost weight so far. I can't wait until I look pregnant to match how I feel on the inside!


Sunday, August 7, 2011

oh la la Paris

Some of my favorite shots from Paris :)











Saturday, August 6, 2011

Since when is it August?

I can't believe it's August, how fast did the summer go? Strangely enough I am ready for fall/winter. Not really, 3 feet of snow, can't drive the car, type winter. Just not super hot non-stop, but comfortable jean wearing, sipping a hot chocolate with hazelnut type of winter.

Key West is hot, humid, and crazy. You see the weirdest mean people walking down the street. From the guy who every morning runs with not much else than a sombrero on his body to the chickens, roosters, and chicks over populating the side walks. We are definitely missing our family, and hoping to be able to come visit in a few months. We work every day that a cruise ship is in town (which is most days). Cruise people are so strange, sometimes they are so nice and are really friendly, and sometimes they are just mean! Once the Disney ship starts coming on our route, it is going to be really hard not to stow away! All the girls that we work with at Del Sol and Cariloha are really nice and we are sad that they are leaving us in a few weeks. They are all great girls and we a so bummed we couldn't work with them longer!

The church here is small, but still strong. Last week was the first sunday in the new building and it is quite nice. We have already been asked to speak, but luckily it's not until October, so we have time to prepare. It is interesting to hear all of the ward members stories of how they have joined the church, most of them are converts which is so great.

Andrew is the best husband. Just thought I'd put that out there...

We are still waiting for visitors!

Friday, July 1, 2011

uh oh...

I have not blogged in forever. I apologize. Let me catch you up:

March 13-April 1
Disneyland Paris
Amalfi Coast

My Birthday
(where I fell asleep at 11 am after arriving back in Provo and woke up at 12 midnight, Andrew had presents and a romantic dinner ready for me)

Finished working at the Provo Marriott
Andrew Graduated
Chuck & Jessica got Married in the Salt Lake Temple
Started driving cross country to Virginia

Arrived on the 1st to Williamsburg
Andrew got a job
I got a job
Visited D.C.
Found out Andrew did not graduate due to the registration office losing one of his grades, got taken off April graduation list, grade was re-submitted by teacher, Andrew put back on April graduation list

Flew to San Francisco to shoot a wedding in Oakland
Attended and photographed my best friend Lauren (Pugh) Ash and Bryant get married in D.C. Temple
Lauren got me a CRICUT
Andrew took the DAT and did wonderfully after much preparation, we will be re-applying to Dental School this summer
Took a job offer to work for Del Sol in Key West, Florida for a year

Driving the 19 hours to Key West, stopping in Orlando for the night on the way down
Uncle Mike is going to be in Key West to give us the local tour and take us on his boat

Well, that's what has happened the past few months, and a little preview of what is to come....we have been to blessed to have spent this little amount of time with family and are so thankful to my parents for being our gracious hosts!

Life is crazy.

As long as I have my best friend with me and the love of our family, we know success and happiness will continue. We are grateful for everything we have and continue to receive.

Please come visit us in Key West!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

a random post..

Ok, this is a totally random bunch of stuff. First, look at this cute new duvet cover we got! We bought a nice down duvet before Christmas but never did buy a cover for it until the other day when I came across this one in Ikea! Thank you Andrea for inviting me on that shopping trip!

Second, I sold my hutch, and I am kinda sad that we won't have after tomorrow morning. I was taking out my dishes today and got nostalgic. I had to snap a shot of the hutch so it will forever be remembered!

Also, a couple last minute things for the trip! I compiled all of the information I've been working on the past 4 months and got it bound this morning. All of my info in one place! Flight plans, hotel confirmations, itineraries, metro routes, embassy contact info, etc. I feel very prepared! I also bought a little first aid kit (just in case!) and my friend Trevor (who has helped me immensely with planning the Italian part of the trip) let me borrow his English-Italian dictionary. I plan on reading through french and italian while on my...uuh...8 hour flight to France in 6 days!!!


Friday, February 25, 2011

soap de lish

Ok, I realize it is very pathetic to post about soap. However, look how amazing these are! It's like they were made just to brighten my day! I went into Bath and Body Works to get some hand sanitizer to take on my trip, and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw these. I bought them without even smelling them! I honestly didn't care what they smelt like, but luckily they smell just as amazing. Thank you B&BW for bringing a piece of the beach to my house.

I got the babies to take to Europe!
And I also exchanged my plaid boots for these sweet polka dot ones!

....18 days until France!


Monday, January 31, 2011

Trip Prep

My Swiss back pack!

I'm going to be flying a ton! Hopefully these will help!

French help!

Mini pink umbrella!

Rain boots! It is rainy season so I will be prepared!

Raspberry scented wipes!

Sudoku, ever since our honeymoon I've loved trying these puzzles when I travel!

And a ton of books that I've been studying! I am also doing the Rosetta stone {funded by Marriott!} to be prepared!

What else do I need?


Thursday, January 20, 2011

a thought, or two...

Hi everyone! I actually have something interesting to blog about, a reflection on this article:

I think it's a pretty cool article, mostly positive. However, the comments on this article aren't, they kind of break my heart to read. Commentators are saying, "if their lives look to good to be true, it isn't" and "they are under so much pressure to be perfect all the time because of their church". To this I say: Happiness, it's not too good to be true. Second, I personally feel no pressure to be perfect from the church {or anyone for that matter}.

We live in a time when a woman can be literally anything she wants to be. A career woman, a stay at home mom, or a mix of the two. For those women who are blogging about their stay at home mom lives, staying at home is their job. They create structured activities with their kids, have a craft here or there, and try out new recipes just as any other job has tasks that fill the day. The only difference is that being creative and playing with your kids {and being happy while doing it} is not accepted as a job, but just the opposite: free time.

Yes, of course we are going to blog about mostly the good things in our lives. Not as an attempt to come off as having a picture perfect family, but because these are the things we want to remember. The things we want to reflect on during the bad times as a reminder of happiness. I use my blog as a journal, like many others. I like to look back at things from the very beginning of our marriage because so much has already changed. We like to share things that happen with our family and friends that we don't live close to. Heck, we just like to share!

The pressure and journey to be perfect is not something that is projected from an environment such as family or a religion, but an ever continuing pressure that is inflicted by one's self. It is human nature to constantly compare yourself to others. Am I pretty? Is she prettier than me? How can I be prettier? It's not self absorbed, it's just a natural thought and a strive to improve. {not just looks, education, skills, hobbies, etc.} This is why we get frustrated when we can't knock down 10 pins in bowling, why we haven't gotten a promotion, and our cookies come out burnt every time. WE want to be perfect, to be good at something, and to constantly improve. This is done for ourselves, for our own self-esteem in daily life.

On a religious view of the meaning "perfect", again, there is no pressure from my religion. The Church encourages the reassurance that it is OK not to be perfect. Christ's life isn't meant to be a constant reminder of how we aren't, but as a goal. I find it comforting that there is only one perfect person in this world, and therefor no one should expect me to be perfect. Everyone else other than Christ, {yes everyone, even me and even you!} has flaws. I feel better when I say, "I know I'm doing something wrong, and I know it is wrong, and I don't want to be this way forever. I'm working on it." and my friends, family, and Church understand. Everyone has things they are trying to work on, and we can accept that. No you're not perfect, no I'm not perfect, but we are working on it.

I know this is a jumble of thoughts and a process of me working through my emotions, but I just want you to know, I don't expect anyone to be perfect. Some people I know, do appear to be perfect. My hats are off to you guys {you know how you are!}. I am not trying to give any illusion that I am perfect or that my life is perfect. I have bad days, I have good days. But I want to always remember the good days. I want to try to improve myself. Don't you?


Friday, January 7, 2011

Old Key West for the Holidays

We had such a great time getting out of Utah and "relaxing"* at Disney for Christmas! It was so refreshing to be with family and having no stress. Grandma made sure that no one went hungry and made everyone's favorite foods. It was just so nice! I loved all of the Christmas decorations all over the parks and resorts. We even got a chance to go to the Orlando Temple to participate in some family work there. Such a great experience, and I was so glad to be able to go to that temple, since I had always dreamed of it! Temple + Palm Trees = Heaven. Thank you mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, and everyone else for creating such amazing memories with us!

*not so relaxing because when you're at disney you want to wake up and go to parks, and then stay up for extra magic hours until 3 am! You just can't pass up a chance to enjoy the rides with no lines what so ever!