Friday, April 18, 2008


I've been working on packing up everything I have here in UT, and I found myself thinking about all the things I'll miss about being unmarried, and things I can't wait for! enjoy ~


Late night rende-vous with my roommates
A nice apartment!
Pink bed sheets (maybe)
Leaving my things everywhere
Richards (the name, not my family! I will never leave them!)
Lone decisions about use of money
Leaving on a last minute trip with my girls
Singles Ward (thats kind of a good thing!)
Parents Health and Car insurance


Waking up and going to sleep with my best friend every night
Not having Andrew leave at night
Married Ward
Always having someone to hold
Reserved Spending
New Adventures
Playing house 24/7
Temple Visits
Permanent study buddy
Whole new world (try not to start singing Aladdin!)
Eternal Happiness :)

Friday, April 4, 2008

St Maarten!!!!!


We will be living in beautiful St. Maarten this summer!!!! AAAAh we can't believe it, not only did we get accepted, we are being sent to one of the most beautiful locations!!! That's good karma for ya after such a bad week!

The star is so much bigger than the island, it's about 6 x 6 miles, a total of 37 sq miles! We'll be going to a little branch, I'm so excited!

Bad Day

So Wednesday night Andrew was a some chapel on 900 playing basketball, somehow his hand his the floor and his middle finger got caught. It was dislocated at a 90 degree angle, but some guys put it back into play (that was safe!). The next morning he had the fattest hand I've ever seen! He went and got it x-rayed, and well you can see the results! He goes to a hand specialist in Orem on Monday and will hopefully get surgery soon after! He needs to heal quickly!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Today was great, I skipped school (only 2 classes!), Andrew filled my car with balloons m&m's and flowers, he got me a photography book and a case for my camera! He's so sweet and thoughtful, one of the many reason I love him so much! He also took me out to Chili's, I spoke with Dad today and he got me craving BBQ! Thanks for all the birthday wish! Oh ps, I turned 20 today! (wink and a smile!)