Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our Apartment

So here it is, still under progress, but semi cute! It is so much fun to organize, decorate, and keep it clean. We moved down here Monday, Andrew was up from 6 am to 6 am Tuesday morning moving and building all of our furniture. His best friend came over and helped a lot, and his wife helped me clean the bathroom and kitchen, because they were very gross when we got here. Andrew is gone for the next three days on a training retreat for his job as an intramural sports supervisor at school. Hopefully he'll like what I've done with the place when he gets back! Anyone want to come and visit? Head on over!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

5 More Days!

That's all we have left here on this tiny little island! Five more days of dealing with the cruise shippers! I've started to get really bugged when people treat me like I don't know english or anything about America except that it's a country. I can't tell ya'll how many times I've asked a customer "So where are you guys from?" and get a "Oh, the United States...USA." My dad says I should reply "Where's that? I've never heard of it before!" I just don't see how anyone could possibly think I'm a local here! I am WHITE as get out, BLONDE, and I speak english perfectly well. The only thing that is logical is if they think I'm dutch, I hear there are blonde people there.....

Here are a few of my favorite conversations:

Me (after being handed a Zion's Bank credit card): Oh! I use this bank too!
Customer: They have a Zion's down here?
Me: No, I actually go to school in Provo, UT.
Customer: Why did you go all the way to Provo from here for school?
Me: Well, I didn't, I'm actually from Virginia.
Customer: Why did you go to Utah from Virginia?
Me (realizing she didn't understand the concept of BYU): Um..Cheap tuition. :)

Customer: So where are you from? I can tell you're not a native!
Me: I'm from Virginia, I'm just on a summer internship with this company.
Customer: Oh, where do you go to school?
Me: I go to school in Utah, but don't receive credit for this, it's just a job.
Customer: Are you a mormon?
Me: Yes.
Customer: OH so this is your Mormon Mission huh? Not a bad place to be sent!
Me: No, it doesn't have anything to do with church, I'm just trying to sell t-shirts

Customer: Where are you from? You don't have an accent like the other workers in here.
Me: I'm from Virginia.
Customer: Really? You don't have a Virginian accent either!

Customer: I heard you say you're from Virginia!
Me: Yes I am! Just here on an internship, get to go back to the states next week actually!
Customer: Well I'm sure your husband will be glad to see you again!
Me: I'm sorry?
Customer: I see your wedding rings! Your husband must miss you! (winks)
Me: Not really, he's actually just down the street!

So, so many more they're uncountable! But it's been a good experience I suppose. It's good to get a healthy level of stress in your life every now and then! I am so excited to get back to UT (something I never thought I would say!) and so excited to see some family and really good friends! Somehow we have to get all of our wedding gifts from Leah's house, go to IKEA and buy our furniture, go to my old roommate Lindsay's house and get all of our things before we got married, then get them all into our little apartment. It's going to be so crazy next Monday, but I am so excited. Our flight goes to San Juan, Dallas, and finally Salt Lake City! I am going to be so relieved to be back in America!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dawn Beach

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Momma Mia! 2

Here are a few shots at our favorite beach!

Andrew got to go to a tree "zip line" adventure thanks to grandma carol! Thank you so much! Andrew absolutely loved it! He was so anxious to do it! He didn't end up as sweaty as we thought he was going to be!

This is a mall we found in Marigot, there was four stores in it, and nothing we liked, but it was very pretty!

Mom sees the naked beach, and is loving it!

A naked man took this picture for us! It was probably one of the funniest things ever!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Momma Mia!

I am SO GLAD my mom came down to visit us! It was the best, and it was over way too quickly! I have so many pics I want to put up, but the internet at our apartment hasn't worked the past 3 days, so I don't know when I'll be able to post them, but I took some from mom, and I'll put those on while I'm waiting for internet, or to get to Utah, which ever comes first!! It was good to have another person to hang with, Andrew and I finally have pictures together, all the other pics from here are just Andrew! He's a good sport! The first two were at a delicious italian place mom took us to, and the last one is us in our nursery room! Fun, fun!

Friday, August 1, 2008


Ok these are the last I'll post about my wedding, but I just saw all of the pics for the first time and I had to show off these ones! Enjoy!