Tuesday, March 12, 2013

She is One!

Well, congratulations Addie! You have survived one year of our parenting. Our unexperienced, rocky, naive parenting. You are so lucky that you have amazing family and friends to help us through every question and situation that occurred!

Until you are a mom, there is NO WAY you could even imagine what it is like. What you will feel like, the decisions you'll make, your reactions to everything in this new parenting world; it's just impossible to know what it's like. I have gained SO much respect for my mom and all moms, my eyes have been totally opened and I learn something new everyday. It's not even so much learning something new, but more of seeing things from a totally different perspective.

Addie has taught me a love I could never know existed. She has taught me patience in a , "I'll be born when I want, I'll walk when I want!" sort of way. She is on her own time table. She is hilarious. The faces she makes, her sense of humor, she is just a funny funny girl. The funniest part is she knows it!

She LOVES to eat! This girl can pack it down. She knows if we are having a snack and she wants in. She usually is a momma's girl, but walk by her with ice cream, she's all yours. She HATES anything on her feet. She sleeps in star fish position. sideways. across OUR bed. She will violently kick a blanket off if she feels it on her toes. She gets so thrilled when daddy comes home from work. She rolled over at 4 months, crawled at 7/8 months, and took her first steps at 11 months. She has 6 teeth. She weighs almost 22 lbs vs her 7 lbs 14 oz weight at birth. 

Anytime she does something new I get a little teary, I hate to admit that because I like to pretend like I'm tough, but I am so proud of her when she learns something new. Rolling, clapping, crawling, free standing, cruising, solo steps, waving bye-bye; every event I'm a litte teary eyed.

Her vocabulary includes these words (accompanied by grunts and hand gestures that are just as good as words): momma, dadda, pop-pop, baba (banana), bye bye, and hi (with southern drawl)

I have got to blog more to keep a record of all these things before I forget them!

Love you so much baby girl!