Friday, June 29, 2007

Wisdom Teeth Horror

Oh my goodness, there is not going to be a picture for this one. Today I woke up nervous about getting my wisdom teeth out. We drove to Newport News to the Oral Surgeon where I had the worst experience of my life. Well, he was telling me how everything was going to go smoothly, until he told me he had to give me an IV to give me the medicine to put me to sleep. I usually don't mind shots, but the thought of one going into my veins scare me. And also, I've never been put to sleep before. So as the needle was going into my arm I'm sure I crushed mom's hand, and then I started crying because I was so scared to be put to sleep. The last thing I remember saying was "I am so scared" and the last thing I heard was my mom saying "aaron's over there praying for you" I have no idea why Aaron was in there anyway, nice way to scare a kid though. I woke up and they moved me into the "recovery" room. I had a case of the chills for a while, meanwhile I continued crying. After a bit a man helped me out to our car, and we went to Wal Mart to get my medicine. I finally got to drink some gatorade which made me feel so much better. I have never been numb before, and not feeling my tongue or face was so weird. We got home, and mom tried to get me to eat pudding so i could take my medicine, and I only could get 3 spoons of it down. Then I took the pill, and felt so sick, Mary brought a chair into the kitchen for me to sit down. Next thing I remember, I open my eyes with my face against the hardwood floor of the kitchen and could hear my dad wlkaing into the house and mom saying "THANK GOODNESS you're here she passed out!" He helped me up to my bed, and I've been here for the past 4 or 5 hours. I am glad to report I can feel my tongue and face, but sadly also the pain where my teeth were taken out. My mom says she has no idea why I reacted this way to my experience have been through "much worse pain" in high school when I was injured in sports...but this is the most scary thing I've done in my life. Leah, thanks for the support, but it was HORRIBLE, but at least the worst part is over and I can laugh about it now. Especially because my mom re-enacted my "passing out seizure".

Thursday, June 21, 2007

California Road Trip with Ashley

One day ashley brady and I decided to take a little drive down the road to California. It was amazing!
We went to Laguna Beach, Hollywood, Newport Beach, the Temple at Newport Beach, and Las vegas!

Leaving Provo

Between finishing up a last paper due, cleaning and packing up our room, and completing my check lists, I can't even believe I've finished Spring Term already. It went by so fast! I made so many good new friends and also got to see my friends I already had (ie Leah, Sister Lindsay, James). I'm heading to Lynette's (Nicole's sister) house until monday when I'm flying out of SLC airport to Vegas, then immediatly to Norfolk VA! I can't wait to see everyone again!