Thursday, March 10, 2011

a random post..

Ok, this is a totally random bunch of stuff. First, look at this cute new duvet cover we got! We bought a nice down duvet before Christmas but never did buy a cover for it until the other day when I came across this one in Ikea! Thank you Andrea for inviting me on that shopping trip!

Second, I sold my hutch, and I am kinda sad that we won't have after tomorrow morning. I was taking out my dishes today and got nostalgic. I had to snap a shot of the hutch so it will forever be remembered!

Also, a couple last minute things for the trip! I compiled all of the information I've been working on the past 4 months and got it bound this morning. All of my info in one place! Flight plans, hotel confirmations, itineraries, metro routes, embassy contact info, etc. I feel very prepared! I also bought a little first aid kit (just in case!) and my friend Trevor (who has helped me immensely with planning the Italian part of the trip) let me borrow his English-Italian dictionary. I plan on reading through french and italian while on my...uuh...8 hour flight to France in 6 days!!!