Friday, July 1, 2011

uh oh...

I have not blogged in forever. I apologize. Let me catch you up:

March 13-April 1
Disneyland Paris
Amalfi Coast

My Birthday
(where I fell asleep at 11 am after arriving back in Provo and woke up at 12 midnight, Andrew had presents and a romantic dinner ready for me)

Finished working at the Provo Marriott
Andrew Graduated
Chuck & Jessica got Married in the Salt Lake Temple
Started driving cross country to Virginia

Arrived on the 1st to Williamsburg
Andrew got a job
I got a job
Visited D.C.
Found out Andrew did not graduate due to the registration office losing one of his grades, got taken off April graduation list, grade was re-submitted by teacher, Andrew put back on April graduation list

Flew to San Francisco to shoot a wedding in Oakland
Attended and photographed my best friend Lauren (Pugh) Ash and Bryant get married in D.C. Temple
Lauren got me a CRICUT
Andrew took the DAT and did wonderfully after much preparation, we will be re-applying to Dental School this summer
Took a job offer to work for Del Sol in Key West, Florida for a year

Driving the 19 hours to Key West, stopping in Orlando for the night on the way down
Uncle Mike is going to be in Key West to give us the local tour and take us on his boat

Well, that's what has happened the past few months, and a little preview of what is to come....we have been to blessed to have spent this little amount of time with family and are so thankful to my parents for being our gracious hosts!

Life is crazy.

As long as I have my best friend with me and the love of our family, we know success and happiness will continue. We are grateful for everything we have and continue to receive.

Please come visit us in Key West!