Friday, July 27, 2007

My turn!

Its totally my turn to comment on cute things Anna and Kate say. I'm here at nicole's babysitting and Anna told me how Barrett and Jessie were the funniest boys she knows. I said "Who's Barrett?" and Anna replied, " Well, thats what I call my dad". Then Anna was telling me about the duties they'll all have when the baby gets here. "I will paint her nails, and rock her to sleep, Kate will change the diapers, and mom will wash the baby's feet!" I then asked what Barrett's job would be, and ofcourse as you could guess..."To help Kate with the diapers." I love these girls!

Anna was singing "Shoo Fly" and the line is "I feel like a morning star" and she sang "I feel like a Mormon star" cuuute

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Sorry I've been neglecting my blog, as you could imagine it's been a busy 2 weeks! anyway, So my uncle invited andrew and I to go visit him in NYC and see the screening of an LDS film that comes out in September, "Return with Honor". It was pretty neat! Before that Andrew and I explored Time Square and went and saw the Manhattan Temple. It was all pretty sweet even though it rained all day and my hair went from dead straight to out of control curly!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


He looks so much like a missionary! He was just glowing and I was just so happy to see him...I had to keep my distance though since I wasn't allowed to hug him, even though I really wanted too! His mom had the "death grip" as he said on him when he walked through the doors. His flight arrived over an hour late (ofcourse) which just built up the anticipation to see him! But he finally came and we went back to their hotel and talked in the lobby unitl about 2 am. Then we drove back to williamsburg, and I can't wait for everyone to meet him! aaaah! Life is good! :)

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Lauren Emily

Lauren FINALLY got a chance to come down and visit me in Williamsburg. We went out on the river with Kalie on their jetskis and it was so much fun. Lauren and I did however manage to get extremely sunburnt...but I'm hoping it'll turn into a tan by tuesday night when I see Andrew. We also went to Busch Gardens which was alot of fun because Lauren hasn't been there in a while, and she almost passed out and that was kind of funn because earlier that morning I almost passed out because one of my stitches came out of my mouth! Oh my...anyway, oh and Friday we went to go get a cookie from Nicole and she wouldn't let us into her house, it was pretty sad!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Old but pretty funny!

I love this picture. and Nicole, you said you wanted me to post a picture, you never said who of! hahaha Does Anna still have my "Seventeen"? She liked looking at that and the wedding magazine at the pool!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Name Update

Due to a request, the "Nicole & Family" link has been changed. Leah, if you feel "amazing" doesn't fully describe your page either, I'll open a dictionary and find a better word! My mouth is extremely HUGE and no pictures will be posted, I hope the swelling goes down by next week! :(