Monday, October 29, 2012

When I have my next baby...

Things I want to remember for whenever #2 comes along or advice to first time moms:

  1. Rest as much as possible before and after delivery
  2. Don't expect the baby to come on or before the "due" date
  3. Don't try to self induce, it'll happen when it happens...just rest!
  4. Keep communication up so family/visits know expectations
  5. Stock up on some diapers (some newborn, a couple 1's, maybe a 2 you can always exchange them if you need more of another) and a lot of wipes
  6. Keep receipts for anything baby related
  7. Don't have your last meal before going to the hospital be bagel bites and cake, even if it was your husbands birthday cake, it's just embarrassing :)
  8. While at the hospital let the baby sleep in the nursery at least once so you can get a little rest
  9. Bring comfy clothes like sweats, nursing top, etc
  10. Take all hospital room items (bathroom toiletries, diapers, wipes, etc) with you, they're yours
  11. Order each meal you can after delivery to regain energy
  12. Accept help for at least a week (hopefully 2) after delivery
  13. Get baby to enjoy being swaddled
  14. Get baby to sleep in their bassinet/crib 
  15. Pump if/when you can so daddy can take a turn and feed baby while you sleep
  16. Be flexible and open (birth plan, family visits, advice, etc)
  17. Don't stress as much {especially about nursing}
  18. It's OK to cry (scared, happy, pain, relief, hormones)
  19. Remember your mom and your husband are your best friends***
  20. Smile at your baby as much as possible :)