Thursday, October 9, 2008

Days like today

Are the ones I'll look back on and miss about college days. Not the stressful tests, essays, and papers. Not worrying the professor might call on you and you don't know the answer! Well, Andrew and I made dinner before he went to work. Steak ka-bobs and garlic bread, it was delish. I made cookies for dessert (from total scratch!). Then I took Andrew to work, went over to Chuck's to watch the Office. He showed me the family history he'd been  working on, he's in the 1700's right now! He's great at family history. After that, I went to Lauren's to chill for a bit before I needed to pick my hunnie up. I finally got to grab him, we came home, relaxed drinking sparkling cider in champagne glasses, and listening to romantic music. I love just spending time with Andrew. We then went on to do homework together. I love being married, what isn't there to love about it?!

Gotta keep it interesting! (this is after 11pm!) We're loving life!


leah said...

That picture looks a little sketchy!! What were you drinking? I kept missing you on Facebook last night. What was the deal?